Tennessee Valley Urology Center, P.C. treats many urological conditions, including the following:  

Bladder Control Problems                                       Erectile Dysfunction
Hematuria (blood in urine)        ​                              Interstitial Cystitis​                    
Kidney Stones                                                         Male Infertility
Peyronie's Disease                                                   Prostatitis
Testosterone Deficiency                                           Upper Tract Tumors
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia                                   Enlarged Prostate​     
         Bladder   Kidney   Prostate   Testicular   Urethral / Penile​ Cancers

The following Urological Procedures and Treatments are performed in our facilities or surgery suite.​  

Prostate Ultrasound and biopsy                             ​                   
Bladder Chemotherapy                                    
Urodynamics (specialized testing to evaluate bladder function)
Vasectomy -  No Scalpel​                                   
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Cystoscopy (evaluation of lower urinary tract with a lighted scope) 
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